Chuice Continues the Legacy of Indigenous Eating

Blog post by Ladell Hill, creator of Chuice

I've always felt a responsibility to help others by continuing my grandfather's legacy of helping people live healthier lives. As a child, my grandfather taught me to appreciate nature by passing down the knowledge that was given to him. Since a lot of my grandfather's wisdom came from his Native American roots, I started studying the foods eaten by other indigenous people from around the world. 

 When I started to study the chemical compounds in the plants that my grandfather told me to eat, I realized his wisdom about the benefits of eating certain types of natural plant-based foods was now knowledge. Indigenous cultures seem to have one thing in common - they consume lots of leafy green plants and all of the healthy resources the earth provides us. Most of the time, when meat is not available or not an option, they eat herbs, nuts and seeds.

People living indigenously have to survive with limited resources under stressful conditions. They figured out what plants were most helpful to them. The proof is in the survival of indigenous cultures without the use of modern medicine. They don't just try to survive, they try to thrive by performing better under stress, through endurance, strength and immunity. The common thread is that they adapt better to their surroundings by providing their bodies' with the chemical compounds found in the plants in their natural surroundings.

In today's world, living a more indigenous nutritional lifestyle could benefit a lot of people. When I created Chuice, I looked to different parts of the world and selected ingredients that all served a purpose. I found a way to blend a lot of the best things nature had to offer--fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds. The herbs are one of the most important things. Herbs have not been over-cultivated over the centuries and still contain potent natural chemical compounds. By finding the right combination of ingredients and experimenting for years, I found a way to make Chuice delicious and functional.  

Chuice continues to grow. My grandfather's wisdom can now be found on the shelves of Whole Foods. I'm so honored that I have the opportunity to impact people's lives like he did. My goal is to provide a better option for healthy eating that is both convenient and enjoyable and to help people realize the benefits of eating more plant-based foods. Eating more like our indigenous ancestors is a wise move.

Eat Chuice and thrive. 


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