Why I Choose Chuice by Dr. Sujit Sharma, CEO of Chuice

When Ladell HIll first introduced me to Chuice, I was a skeptic. Like most doctors, I felt I knew a lot more about nutrition than I really did. But I didn't. It took time for me to appreciate the power of fresh plant-based foods. The genius of Chuice lies in its simplicity. Take a vast array of healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds, and make them delicious and convenient.

We all know we need to eat less processed foods and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Less king sized meals and more salads. But the allure of packaged and other "fast" foods is often hard to resist. We love convenience, first and foremost. Eating healthier has become unnecessarily difficult.

Chuice is real food, plain and simple. Aside from being chewable, Chuice is comprehensive in its nutritional components. Containing complex carbohydrates (and phytonutrients) in the juice, Chuice also contains protein, essential fatty acids and fiber. These latter ingredients are rare to find so well balanced and wholesome in a packaged product. After months of initially challenging Ladell about the functional properties and benefits of plant-based foods, I slowly became a believer.  

With so much debate going on regarding why there is such proliferation of chronic disease related to nutrition in our country, I felt this was an opportunity to be behind a solution. I joined forces with Ladell and here we are.

We believe we are launching a new category of food. Real food that happens to be delicious and really good for you. If we continue to generate interest in this new food concept, we hope to create more demand for fresh produce and perhaps drive innovation that leads to better food options for everyone.

Ladell first began selling Chuice in 2011 around Atlanta. He quickly grew a following and then a business. Chuice fans comes in all ages, sizes and colors, but share one thing in common: they are loyal believers. Ladell heard over and over again how great users felt after consuming it!

The Chuice you buy from us online or in a retail store is pasteurized to extend the shelf life. The initial 5-day shelf life is now at 28 days, which allows us to ship it to you all over the United States.  We use a process called cold pressured or high pressure pasteurizion (hpp). This costly technique is key to preserving the macronutrients and 26 micronutrients found in Chuice!

Our priority at Chuice is to provide a safe healthy food alternative to consumers. Real Food. Combining the worlds of modern and holistic medicine, this little company has big dreams: to make healthier living easy and part of a more sustainable future. Join us on this journey. Help us make Real Food something it already should be...Popular.

Sujit Sharma is CEO at Chuice and a full-time pediatric ER doctor. Follow him @drsujitsharma