Back to the Basics

Little did my grandfather know that the healthy living example he set and the wisdom he shared would lead to Chuice. And now, after more than a decade of production and limited local distribution, it is available online for so many more people to enjoy.

Growing up on the farm in Tennessee, I listened attentively to my grandfather who educated me about the importance of plants and herbs. “Everything the body needs has already been given to us by nature." His words and wisdom were his gift to me. 

Years later, as a fitness/wellness consultant, I provided advice that helped the bodies of my clients  grow stronger and more physically fit, but I wasn't addressing their inner health. 

Returning to the teachings of my grandfather, I began researching and studying the chemical compounds in plants, and the body’s design and function, trying to understand how all of the systems work together in harmony. 

All of my research led me to a few simple truths: poor eating leads to mineral and vitamin deficiency as well as inflammation in the body. Chronic and excessive inflammation triggers illness. Natural chemicals found in plant foods help reduce inflammation, so eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods can significantly reduce illnesses ranging from arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease to cardiovascular disease and cancer.  Simply put: You can eat your way to health….just like my grandfather said.

But, the average American eats too many processed and fast foods, and very little plants and vegetables. Why? We simply love our convenience, and the better, healthier foods tend to be out of reach for many people.

That’s why I created Chuice, and it took many years to perfect the taste and nutritional content of Chuice. 

Each ingredient comes from nature and was chosen for its nutritional benefits and unites to form a healthy diet of complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, protein, minerals and fiber.   

So, thanks to everyone who has joined the Chuice revolution, and welcome to all of our new friends who are discovering the movement of accessible high quality nutrition. And most of all, thanks for allowing me to share the wisdom and inspiration of my grandfather.