What does Cold Pressured (HPP) mean?

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Since late 2014, Chuice has been excited to be a part of the cold pressured revolution.  This method of preservation is also called high pressure pasteurization, or HPP. It’s a globally utilized non-heated pasteurized process that provides food safety and extends shelflife without damaging the nutrients. For that reason, it's been embraced by food and beverage companies who want to provide the highest quality product to their consumers while still making it safe for consumption. We most commonly hear it associated with beverages, but food companies are using it also. Brands you know and love may be using it: Suja Juice, Bolthouse Farms, Sabra, Hormel Natural Choice, Evolution Fresh are just a few.

Before being cold pressured, the shelf life of Chuice was only 5 days. The 30+ raw ingredients contain bacteria and enzymes. Traditionally, packaged foods are made more shelf stable in one of two ways:  they are either heated via traditional pasteurization or preserved through the use of chemicals. Sadly, much of the nutritional benefit is lost through these processes. Although the food is made safer for consumption when it sits on a shelf over an extended period of time, it's ironcally lost much of the health benefits before it even gets into your cart.

Heat and/or chemicals were never going to be a consideration for Chuice. Our world changed when we discovered the cold pressured process!

HPP works by applying pressure on the bottled product in a hydraulic chamber. HPP is able to destroy pathogenic bacteria that can contaminate raw produce, ensuring all Chuice products are compliant with FDA Juice HACCP Regulations. HPP is a cold process that does not affect the nutritional value of our product. 

The result is an all natural, fresh product with a decreased number of spoilage bacteria, thereby extending the shelf life of refrigerated Chuice. With a shelf life of 28 days, retailers have an easier time carrying Chuice.  And if you order it online, you have more than a day to drink it!

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 For any questions you may have, feel free to email us at LoveChuice@chuice.com.

Thanks and happy Chuicing!