5 Things You Can Do to Overhaul Your Health

It's never too late to get healthy. Many people procrastinate on their health and fitness goals until a new year or a month before "bikini season," and it can feel overwhelming and unattainable. Here are five things you can start doing right now to get results. 

1. Quit One Bad Habit
By definition, a habit is difficult to shake off. But if you can focus your efforts on a single bad habit, rather than a sweeping resolution to "stop eating bad foods" or something of the like, you have a better chance of seeing real results. For instance, if you drink it regularly try cutting soda out of your diet, or limiting it to one per week. If you habitually stop at a particular fast food restaurant during your weekly routine, try to find a healthy alternative. A lot of people even manage to shed some pounds by cutting out bread, opting for lettuce wraps and salads instead of sandwiches! Whatever it may be, a single bad habit that negatively affects your health can be well worth focusing on.

2. Create A Conservative Schedule
It's not uncommon to hear people saying things like, "I want to go to the gym every day in the new year!" or "I'm losing 20 pounds by beach season!" These might work for a very small portion of the population that operates with extreme discipline and schedule flexibility, but for most of us goals like these just aren't realistic. So instead of aiming so high, try concentrating on some smaller, more attainable goals, and then building from there. For instance if you're looking to lose weight, aim for a five pound loss by the beginning of July. That's a more realistic possibility, and even more importantly you'll be likelier to keep going and aim for new goals if you can see yourself having some success with this smaller initial target.

3. Drink More Water
t's one of the simplest and most commonly proposed tips for a new health initiative, but that's the case for a reason. Drinking more water keeps you refreshed, hydrated and energetic, and can also help you to avoid unhealthy habits. With more water in your system you're less likely to be hungry for snacks in between meals, and you'll also be less inclined to reach for sugary "snack" beverages such as sodas, sweet lattes, etc. Still, drinking more water is easier said than done. My specific recommendation: Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. You might be surprised how often you fill it up and keep drinking, as opposed to having to go find a water fountain.

4. Form Low-Calorie Drinking Habits
Naturally drinking more water is a good start in this category, but here I'm specifically talking about alcohol consumption. It's actually a tip sometimes offered to college students looking to avoid the dreaded "freshman 15," with the basic idea being that if you're going to drink, you should go low-calorie. Use low-cal/low-sugar or NO-cal/no-sugar mixers (hello, vodka sodas!), and surprisingly, champagne is on the lower end of the weight-gain spectrum. Of course, all alcoholic beverages are going to come with some calorie intake, but if you do drink socially on occasion you can find ways to do so without loading yourself up more than you need to.

5.Learn How To Work Out At Home
The gym is great, and if you can get into a regular routine of going there you'll be on your way to a successful fitness resolution. But sometimes it's just not an option, and on such occasions it becomes incredibly valuable to know how to work out at home. And that doesn't just mean push-ups and sit-ups! With just a little bit of research you can discover all kinds of exercises that only require a small amount of floor space. You can build muscle, improve flexibility, and even burn calories without leaving your own room. Plus, many of the exercises are pretty quick to pick up. My specific tip here would be to download a few workout apps, as they can basically help you to establish home programs. Options like the 7-Minute Workout or any of a number of yoga apps can be great to begin with.

By following this advice, you can set yourself up to avoid falling into the extraordinarily high percentage of people who fail with their lofty weight loss goals. A disciplined and strategic approach will hopefully yield much better results.

About the Blogger: Shelly Stinson is a writer from Denver, CO. She specializes in writing about holistic health and nutrition and enjoys spending most of her free time outdoors. Follow her on twitter at: https://twitter.com/shellystins