Four U.S. Surgeons General and Dr. Sanjay Gupta Walk Into a Bar...

(Okay, so there's no 'bar' punchline, it was just a teaser)

Our team had the honor of participating in the 2017 Lake Nona Impact Forum. This gathering brought together leaders and influencers in the world of health innovation and impact. After three incredible days, the event closed with a perfect session. In a panel discussion format, Dr. Sanjay Gupta engaged in conversation with four of our country’s past Surgeons General: Dr. Richard Carmona, Dr. David Satcher, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, and Dr. Antonia Novello.

Over the course of an hour, the audience got to learn about the journeys each of these health warriors took - what led them to a career in medicine, the challenges they faced in getting there, and the incredible responsibility they felt to serve the American people while in the position of Surgeon General.

As a physician, I felt immensely proud to be in the same room with these giants. Every administration (and cultural era) faces ideological challenges. As the Nation’s Doctor, it was clear that all four of these incredible individuals fought for the rights of people first, by speaking on behalf of science. As individuals, it became clear that they themselves represented a diverse range of political ideals and beliefs.

During their tenure and since then, they’ve all continued to be exemplary models. There was a palpable sense of intimacy amongst them, and their selflessness shone through as they comfortably made a little fun of each other, and themselves. It was lovely to hear them mention that they're all friends and make a point of getting together regularly.

This incredible cadre of physicians share a special bond: They fought for humanity, by rising above ideology. I’m left speechless and with newfound respect for their service.

Sujit Sharma MD
CEO at Chuice