On a quest to create the perfect human fuel, modern-day medicine man and holistic living guru Ladell Hill created Chuice — the juice you chew, a concoction of 35+ fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs, packed with nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and all the natural goodness the body needs (and doesn’t get enough of). Why do you chew? Well, that’s how your body starts digestion naturally, secreting enzymes in the mouth to begin the process of digestion. Chewing also helps your brain know it’s eating (and added bonus: controls calorie consumption). 

Soon after inception of this unique product, health seekers caught on, then a dedicated team (including an ER doctor) was assembled and this underground product made it onto shelves in Atlanta. Our mission was coming to life: to introduce a new type of food to the world. While there are plenty of packaged portable foods out there that taste good…few of them are good for you. But we know there’s not always time to make a healthy, wholesome meal. We want to simplify things, make it easier than ever to enjoy a tasty, balanced meal and achieve total body health.

Chuice is not rocket science — you can buy our whole food ingredients at your local market, but when it comes to the process, that’s an art form, and our labor of love. Made by hand and using a combination of chopping, juicing and blending, Chuice is able to retain more of the whole nutrients found in plants, that are often removed during the sometimes excessive juicing process. We do use use a cold pressurization technology called High Pressure Processing (HPP) to increase safety/shelf life while still preserving the nutrients and freshness. By increasing the use of fresh produce from local farmers as we grow, we think we can help support a more sustainable food system.

We all know America has a health epidemic. Obesity and related chronic disease continues to rise, and the next generation of Americans are expected to not live as long as their parents. This is due largely in part to the WAY WE EAT. We need to change these statistics and are on a mission to do so. Join us in making packaged food better. Help us make healthy living easier, more sustainable, and meaningful.

Fuel Better,
The Chuice Crew