The "standard American diet" is broken...

Why is that important? While we've known for a while that fiber is good for us, recent scientific discoveries explain 'why', in a lot more detail.

In fact, it's becoming increasingly clear that people who eat around 30 or more types of whole plant-based foods each week are likely to optimize body function.(link) This includes fighting infection, healing and recovery, and how we age. 

But for most of us, eating a lot more plants more often isn't easy. So, we created something that's deliciously easy and ridiculously healthy. More than half of our 30+ ingredients are chopped whole, giving you a rainbow of whole plant every bottle!! 

We can fix what's broken with our food system! Yes, we may have overcompensated a bit. But there's no time to waste. A better future is possible for those who Chuice it. 

[About us: We're a small startup in Atlanta that slowly built a loyal following locally. Now, we ship our product to every state in the continental U.S. Your patience is greatly appreciated. We do everything we can to keep up with demand but put product quality first. While subscription customers are prioritized, we offer many different purchase options] 

Chuice comes in two blends:

Mad Greens

Fresh Beets

"For the past 8 years, I’ve started every morning with Chuice. It’s a great way to fuel my day. When I’m traveling and can’t have my Chuice to start the day, the rest of my day just feels off."

- Terry, Atlanta

"I have been drinking Chuice since 2012 and it completely changed my health and body. Starting the morning with a fiber boost of fruits and vegetables is a complete game changer, especially if you’ve never done it before. I will forever be grateful for this magic in a bottle."

- Ashley, NYC

"It's an easy way to get in all the stuff you need, which is especially helpful for those that don't have the time or inclination to procure, purchase, chop and blend 30 types of fruits and veggies!"

- Bethany, Atlanta

In small batches, we curate 30+ fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, and nuts - diverse whole plant nourishment in each and every bottle.

A perfectly balanced snack or small meal replacement.