Fiber-Nation 2018: Think prebiotic, not probiotic...

This has been an incredible week for the history of FIBER. Three major publications in one week are helping to beat the drum! In the last few years, incredible scientific research has helped to advance our understanding of how prebiotic fiber influences so much more than just good bowel movements. Seriously! Weight loss, cancer, immunity, blood sugar regulation...fiber plays a role in all of these things!!

As discussed in a prior blog, fiber might very well be THE most important nutrient missing in the American diet. Please do try to fit some of some of this great journalism onto your reading list, from The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Cooking Light. Guess what helps to feed and sustain a healthy microbiome? Yes, prebiotic fiber!!

Not to brag, but Chuice is probably the most nutrient dense product on the market, with 6 grams of fiber (and 150 calories) in every 8 oz bottle. There’s a reason we have so many fans already loving their 12-bottle subscriptions for our FREE home delivery all over the country: Chuice is Awkwardly Delicious and Ridiculously Healthy!!*


The Chuice Team

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